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Turning Doubters into Believers

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About Us

Yeti culture

YetiCoin is a movement bridging together our love of sports and fitness with our passion for crypto while helping today's youth become more active and social.  We believe in establishing and promoting healthy lifestyles, connecting with underserved communities, and creating the strongest crypto community through our core values.


Strong Holders


ATH Market Cap

Whitepaper & TechRate Audit

Yeti Whitepaper

We live by our motto - Turning doubters into believers. Take a
deep dive into our whitepaper and get to know Yeti and its long term plans in greater detail.

Yeti Audit

TechRate Smart contract security audit done by one of the leading experts in the blockchain space. Take a look at our smart contract in more detail. Spoiler alert - we got a perfect score.

Building good habits and rewarding holders



Treasury wallet

Continuous growth is very important so we allocated 5% to go towards marketing, growth, development, partnerships, buybacks and burns.



All long-term holders should be rewarded and that is why 1% of all transactions will be redistributed to holders.


Max wallet

As an anti-dump mechanism and to prevent whales manipulating the price significantly, we capped all wallets at 2.5%.

1 Quad

Total supply

Total supply is 1 quadrillion and is allocated to the liquidity pool 100% and the LP tokens are burned.

Trade with peace of mind

Yeti Swap

Proprietary decentralized exchange built by Yeti team allowing people to buy and sell digital assets across entire Ethereum network with a zen state of mind.

  • Pre-loaded $YETIC as a first choice of buy.
  • Ethereum gas station.
  • Personalized and Yeti themed.
Yeti Swap

See Yeti and its impact live and in action

Community, Donations and Ambassadors

Overview of plans for 2022


This year will a be turning point not only for Yeti and all its upcoming utility but for the entire crypto gaming and NFT market!

  • 1 Updated website
  • 2 Fitness Ambassador Program
  • 3 EARN Fitness Challenge NFTs
  • 4 5,000 Holders
  • 5 Partnerships w/professional athletes
  • 6 Move2Earn
  • 7 Donations to Youth sports activities
  • 8 Host Youth Sports Camps
  • 9 Partner with Sports supplement company
  • 10 YetiCoin Clothing & Appearel
  • 11 15,000 Holders
  • 12 YetiCoin Games - Fitness Competition

Dream team behind Yeti movement


CEO and Fearless Leader of Yeti
CEO / Team Lead
Partnership Manager
Partnership Manager
Community Manager
Community Manager
Graphics and Web Designer - Mr. JD
Graphics Designer
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