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We strive each day to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday and inspire our community to do the same.

Our story

Jackie & Andy first met while being investors in a project together. Since Jackie was a member of a paid group that taught people crypto fundamentals, she was able to spot red flags in the project and she messaged him as a warning that something wasn’t right and to be careful. Ever since then they have remained in contact and referred each other to other solid projects to invest in as well as talk fitness.

Around the same time, Andy invested in a project developed by CapLevi. They were on voice chats numerous times together and Andy was impressed with Caps knowledge and background in Cryptocurrency. CapLevi, along with his partner Wolf, have helped numerous projects start up and built utilities including NFTs, Swaps, Bridges, and more.

YetiCoin originated when Andy and Jackie agreed on an idea to create a project that bridged their love of Fitness into Crypto. CapLevi was the first name to come to mind as someone talented and experienced who can assist in a wide range of utilities to make the project grow.

The final and very important addition to the core team before launch was adding JD to the group. The team spent time looking into different artists and digital designers and they all loved the work they saw from JDGraffix. As soon as they brought the project to JD’s attention, he was on board and really loved the aspect of giving back to the youth. Since then they have been one big happy family.

Our Values

Yetis on a mission.

YetiCoin is a movement bridging together our love of sports and fitness with our passion for crypto while helping today's youth become more active and social. We believe in establishing and promoting healthy lifestyles, connecting with underserved communities, and creating the strongest crypto community through our core values.

  • Adaptable
  • Resilient
  • Gritty
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Our community

“As a new brand ambassador for YetiCoin ETH, I am excited to the the limitless possibilities our partnership brings. Like myself, YetiCoin has a vested interest in reaching and serving underserved communities and youth. We plan to change the narrative by providing financial literacy, cryptocurrency education, mentoring programs, and basketball camps”.

Ricky Davis
Retired NBA player

“When you think of crypto, NFTs, Health and Fitness programs…you better make your next more your best move and think of YetiCoin ETH. #GameChanger”.

Kendrick Perkins
Retired NBA player

I'm a fitness professional with 8+ years of experience as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I have been part of the YetiGang since December 2021 and I believe YetiC will be the pioneer in bringing fitness to the Web3 space. YetiC, for me, means 'an honest approach to financial freedom while taking care of health and the people in need.

Master's Degree in Sports Management from Loughborough University, UK)

To me, yeticoin is more than just a crypto or another investment. It’s a community of individuals who encourage others to get out of their comfort zone and be great. It promotes motivation for people to start living a healthier life. Let’s not forget the best part - Yeticoin is getting the kids active in their community by hosting camps through various sports like CrossFit , basketball, and soccer!

TJ Guillot
CrossFit Coach

YetiCoin is a movement. Being a holder early and a part of the Yeti Nation gave me purpose, DRIVE. Fitness has always been a part of my life, but then YetiCoin was created. Seeing potential from the team and the roadmap, I had to be a part of it all. We are more than a crypto community, we are Family. From the late night conversations, to the days I see them push each other to the limit. Open yours and join the Yeti Nation.

Anthony R.
Community Member

YetiCoin entered my life at the moment I needed them to pull me out of the black hole following the pandemic. The developers’ passion to build and give fitness/sports opportunities to children and adults around the world is what we need now! Since joining the YetiCoin family, I’ve found new life and I am mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger. Thank you Yeticoin discord family for your daily motivation and support!

Sokie L.
Community Member

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